Saturday, September 22, 2012


Today was my only day off work this weekend so I had to spend most of my time getting the housework up-to-date. After tomorrow, I will have worked three Sundays out of the last four. Not a fan of working on Sundays but it's unavoidable at present. Hopefully my working hours will be back to normal soon -  at least until the crazy Christmas retail rush is upon us - all too soon. Believe it or not, I saw Christmas trees for sale in K-Mart yesterday!
Anyway, despite having to deal with domestic duties today, I did take the time to appreciate the lovely sunshiny day.
 C, Z and I walked to a local cafe for morning tea and soaked up the sun.
This afternoon, I loved the way the sunlight flowed into our house.
A very busy couple of weeks here for some family members. Many hours put in at work and school for some of us. E and Z are both grateful for school holidays.
My working hours have meant little opportunity for my usual walks which is not good because there have been way too many sweet treats in this house lately.
E went to two bridal showers last weekend and contributed mini cheesecakes to the first of these.
C bought these melt-in-the-mouth macarons for she and I to consume while watching a movie.
I made Raspberry and White Chocolate muffins for an after school treat.
They didn't last long.
 J's birthday cake was a chocolate mud cake strewn with chopped up snickers bars ( his favourite chocolate)
We also have a cheesecake in the fridge which C brought here on Thursday.
So much temptation!
I'm thinking maybe one more piece of mud cake and then no more sugar for quite some time.
I will probably fail miserably at sticking to this resolution!

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The Elephant's Child said...

Love the sunshine streams. Thank you. Those sweet treats would be a problem here....