Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I can now literally and figuratively see the light at the end of the tunnel in our storage area.
It's much more manageable and I will be able to sort each box at my leisure.
The very dull and boring boxes - containing tools, painting equipment, light fittings, electrical fittings and such, are sorted. Now it's on to the fun (?) stuff.
The first large box I tackled contained clothes - various bits and pieces which should have been given away immediately rather than placed in storage.  Z reclaimed a couple of items. Everything else has gone to charity with the exception of the pretty tulle skirts pictured below.
If I remember correctly, the white skirt was an op-shop purchase of recent times.  I made the pink skirt years ago as a dress-up fairy skirt for my girls.
They so loved to dress up as fairies.

And they loved the feasts we often had when they dressed up as fairies.
The white skirt (which would still fit a couple of girls here) will be stored with our small supply of dress-ups / costumes which are occasionally sifted through when a fancy dress party arises.
Predictably, I can't part with the pink one.

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! Every little girl's dream. I had a white one and a mauve one. Both had silver embellishments. Mum kept both for at least thirty years. I still have my St James Thornbury leotard. A tad small these days. I know because I tried and could barely get a leg in. Stretchy, but not that stretchy. N