Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Met C in the City for lunch today.

Delicious food from here.

Lemon slice from Myer cafe. Love this plate.

Always interesting Sportsgirl decor.

Creative umbrella display in  Collins Street.

Lovely pink coat which C is contemplating buying.
According to several shop window displays, pastel hues are in this Spring.

(Sorry, C, didn't photograph the black one so can't assist you in making your decision)

While we were in Myer, we went up to the 6th floor to have a look at the construction site which used to be the Myer Lonsdale store.

It's quite sad that the Lonsdale Street building facade is all that's left of that great old building.

Interesting how you can still see the different paint colours on each floor and the word "Myers" up in the corner.

When C, J and I were having lunch at a local cafe on Sunday, I saw these gorgeous pastel-toned milk bottles on display

They weren't for sale, so when I got home I searched the internet to locate stockists. No luck.
Today, by a stroke of luck, I found them in a shop not far from where we had lunch.

Couldn't resist.


librarygirl said...

Milk bottles: also at gift shop at Heide in Bulleen. Last year I bought two plain white - I use them for vases all the time. I love the coloured ones too.

Anonymous said...

I think I'll get the pink. xo

Anonymous said...

That settles the family debate over Myer vs Myers. It's as Mum has always insisted. It's USED to be Myers. I believed her, but there's the proof. Great pics as always. N x