Sunday, June 17, 2012


This weekend was supposed to involve a trip to Sydney for some members of the family. This unfortunately fell through for a variety of reasons.
As C had already asked for a few days off work, she was determined to do something memorable with that time and decided to stay at a 5-Star hotel in Melbourne on Saturday night. She asked me if I'd like to stay with her.
 WOULD I EVER! Who would knock back the opportunity to live in the lap of luxury for a night!

We arrived in the city in the early afternoon and after leaving our overnight bags at the hotel and briefly looking in a couple of shops (eg Typo - 1st photo above) we headed to the Sofitel Hotel for afternoon tea.

All delicious - from the smoked salmon sandwiches to the chocolate fondue.
Our leisurely afternoon tea was followed by a tram ride through the city, and a stop at Tiffanys so C could buy a gorgeous necklace she has wanted for a while.
Then it was back to the Langham Hotel for our indulgent evening.

We have had afternoon tea at the Langham on previous occasions but never stayed there.
Such a beautiful hotel.

I took my book into the bathroom and had a blissful bubble bath.
We lay on our beds and watched Foxtel and an in-house movie (The Artist).
I read some more and C did some sewing.
We ordered room service.

We relaxed completely in the luxurious surroundings.
I think we both benefited hugely from this little break from routine.

After a wonderful night's sleep (8 HOURS for me - unheard of!) we went down to the hotel dining room for breakfast. So much food! So much to choose from! All so good!

Back to the room for a bit longer and then we had to farewell the most comfortable beds in the universe and return to reality. It was fun while it lasted.

The view from our room on the 19th floor of the Langham

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Tracey MS said...

Looks like you had a well earned treat the hotle looks fantastic so l have asked M to take me there tms