Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Yesterday, before the weather here took a decided turn for the worse, I went for a bird observing walk. Sometimes, I just walk and serendipitously come across photo-worthy sights. Other days, I deliberately set out looking for one specific thing - usually birds. This does require a fair amount of patience and a lot of standing quietly so as not to scare off the photo subjects. Some days I'm luckier than others. I would consider yesterday a reasonably lucky day.
Now that most of  the lovely Autumn leaves have blown away, our colourful native birds have kindly decided to decorate the bare trees.

Edited to add these photos which were accidentally deleted.
All were taken between 7 and 7.30 am.
A truly breathtaking winter sunrise.


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fiveandtwo said...

Gorgeous birds! Of the parrot variety, round these parts I only see lorikeets (cockys, corellas and galahs). Eastern Rosellas if I go a bit out of town.