Thursday, April 5, 2012

Leaving New York

New York, Monday the 26th of September, 2011

All too soon, our last day in New York City had arrived
There was still time for a spot of shopping before we left. E received a $100 gift card as part of the Eloise Suite package, so after breakfast we headed down to the Eloise Shop in The Plaza to spend it.
 Pastries, juice and coffee for breakfast.

In the Plaza elevator.

The Eloise shop - pink as far as the eyes could see!

Wandered a bit and admired the hotel as E and Z hadn't had a chance to look around yet.

Then back to our lovely rooms to capture a few more little details with the camera.

The Edwardian Suite had big-screen TVs in both the living area and bedroom.

This hallway was in the Edwardian Suite.

This is the second bathroom in the Edwardian Suite. The main bathroom was bigger than both my bathrooms at home combined!
Bag stand in the Eloise Suite hallway.
Very ornate table detail.

Just before noon, we sadly checked out of those glorious rooms.
Then, with even more sadness, Z and I said goodbye to C and E who were off to continue their adventure and wouldn't be back home in Australia until November.
After many goodbye hugs on the steps of the Plaza, we loaded our bags into separate Taxis. Z and I were going straight to JFK.
 C and E were heading to the Port Authority Bus Terminal to catch a greyhound bus to Philadelphia- the first of many wonderful places they would visit over the following weeks.

I took my last photos of New York from the taxi.

At JFK, we spent many looong hours waiting for our flight. I amused myself with some patchworking while Z watched "Rear Window" on my Ipad. We finally boarded our flight to LAX and arrived there at about 11.30pm. The LA to Melbourne leg of our flight seemed to take forever, but at least we were able to sleep a lot of the time.

Somewhere over the Pacific Ocean.
I have no idea what time it was or even what day it was at this point. The whole time zone thing was messing with my mind.

Finally, we arrived home in lovely, lovely Melbourne on a crisp, cool Spring day. It was Wednesday the 28th of September. We lost the 27th somewhere along the way.
It had been the most exciting ten days of our lives, but we were glad to be home. Until the next trip....

Songs used as blog post titles were as follows:
  • New York State of Mind - Billy Joel
  • New York, New York - Frank Sinatra
  • Saturday in the Park - Chicago
  • Rhapsody in Blue - George Gershwin
  • Wall Street Shuffle -  10CC
  • On Broadway - George Benson
  • The Sidewalks of New York - Nat King Cole
  • Empire State -  Fleetwood Mac
  • Another Rainy Day in New York City - Chicago
  • I Happen to Like New York - Cole Porter
  • Autumn in New York - Ella Fitzgerald
  • Eloise at the Plaza - Bruce Broughton (Movie Soundtrack)
  • New York City Serenade - Bruce Springsteen
  • Leaving New York - REM

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