Monday, April 9, 2012


All four younger family members are currently freezing their butts off ( to put it politely) at the MCG hoping to see the Mighty Hawks defeat the Cats. Good luck to them - both children and AFL team.
D and I are more than happy to be watching this in the comfort of home. Well, he's avidly watching. I will spare the TV screen a glance every so often. I'm not a big football fan.
The children donned their footy clothes for the occasion but were typically reluctant to be photographed.

Except for J, who posed nicely - even though he looks a bit tired after a late night finishing a Playstation game. And, yes, I told him to go and put on a jacket right after this. It's currently 13 degrees in Melbourne!
I looked at my grown-up son today, and couldn't help but find the picture below and reminisce a bit.

J was a very cute two-year-old in his grandma-knitted footy jumper!

So, I will now return to the peace and quiet here. Some reading and blog browsing will fill in my afternoon.  I don't even have to worry about the evening meal as the young ones are picking up fish and chips on the way home.

 I will probably post the Easter Egg Caramel Slice recipe here a little later as requested.


Anonymous said...

I think I nearly had a heart attack at the end of the game! So stressful but an awesome game even though we came second!
I bet dad was screaming!

Manderley said...

Dad didn't yell at the TV once but has had to console himself with a "Prison Break" rewatch as soon as the game finished!!

librarygirl said...

I nearly reached into the tv and smacked Steve Johnson (sP?) on his silly face.Prat.
Poor old Hawkes.