Monday, April 16, 2012


This is how my kitchen looks tonight. I probably should have been honest and put a "before " photo here as well but there is only so much horror people can deal with. Let's just say that the benchtop was completely covered with dirty dishes, assorted papers, books and heaven only knows what else.
I can't remember when the floor was last mopped and the sink and stovetop were in a less than desirable condition.
I know this room will be pretty much trashed again by tomorrow, but I'm enjoying the cleanliness just for now.
I'm happy to say that this was achieved with all natural products - vinegar and hot water for the floor, diluted vinegar and bicarbonate of soda for the sink and stovetop, and vinegar and water in a spray bottle for the benchtops.
In the not so distant past, I would always clean with these more natural ingredients, but recent laziness has meant that I have resorted to various store-bought products. I don't have many - just one cream cleanser, window cleaner, bleach, shower cleaner and deodorising spray. (Actually, that sounds like a lot!) - but they are all going now.
Reading Rhonda Hetzel's "Down to Earth" is inspiring me in many ways, not the least of which are her suggestions for "green cleaning", so I have retrieved all the natural cleaning products from the laundry cupboard and I will continue to use them. It really doesn't take that much more effort to use these and they certainly smell better than the artificially scented bought variety.

I really need to be more mindful about keeping our home clean and comfortable and clutter-free. Without going into details, I have one child with an ongoing medical condition which is aggravated by stress and very possibly by environmental factors. A house cleaned with all-natural products has to be better for everyone's health, and of course clean and tidy surroundings are much less stressful.
Here's hoping I can stick to this naturally-clean resolution!

Apart from all of this, today was fairly uneventful. I walked as usual, then browsed in various op-shops and the local fabric shop.
On Mondays, J and Z arrive home from Uni and school at around the same time, so I made them some pikelets which went down really well. Haven't made them for ages but they used to be a popular after-school treat back in the day.

Also, couldn't resist buying this little candle holder today.

Off now to gaze admiringly at my lovely fresh kitchen.


librarygirl said...

I have had the library copy of Rhonda's book at home and haven't read the whole think but I really love it and think I will buy it.
I loved the part where she writes about cleaning and changing your attitude to it - it's never going to go away, yes it needs to be done over and over but rather than rush through do it mindfully ( each task).
It's changed my hatred of housework quite a lot, actually. Give that baby girl of yours a hug from me xxx

The Elephant's Child said...

The clean kitchen looks beautiful. Though I have never, ever seen photos of your home that look anything but clean and welcoming and just plain lovely. I have been working towards the green clean as well. Sometimes it needs a bit more effort - but I do feel better about it than the product route.
And was that home made jam to go on the pikelets?