Friday, March 23, 2012


When C was packing up her books in readiness for leaving home, she came across my mum's old PWMU Cookery Book circa 1950's. She gave it back to me for safekeeping and I have enjoyed browsing through it. I already own the 1983 edition of this famous Australian cookbook, but this older edition is such a treasure.
Not only does it feature Mum's handwriting on a couple of pages, it also contains several recipes I remember from childhood - including the much baked Economical Biscuits mentioned by my sister recently in this beautiful post . For some reason, that particular recipe is not in my edition.
Clear indications of a well used recipe: food stains and the page is falling out after being taped back in once already.
Some of the advertisements are so funny. I love "Chiquita Banana" and "Banana Jim Full of Vim". I laughed out loud when I saw this one:

Mmmmm, junket.
Wow, I wish I was a "thrifty housewife" who could "serve a three or four course meal at a moment's notice". I can barely throw together a one course meal most nights.  

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