Saturday, March 10, 2012


For E's birthday, I had promised her a shopping trip to buy some new clothes so this is how we spent yesterday morning. She had already made a list of all the items that she wanted so this was a very organized shopping expedition! She chose some lovely clothes and we had a great time.
During the morning, we interrupted our shopping to have brunch.
Scrumptious waffles.
 Iced coffee for E and hot chocolate for me.

After finishing our birthday shopping, we went home for a while, then out again to meet Z for afternoon tea.

So pleasant to just sit and soak in the afternoon sun.
E's birthday dinner request was  "Roasted Garlic and Autumn Vegetable Pasties". The perfect choice for a cool Autumn evening.
Her Birthday Dessert (as always) was Tiramisu.


I think my lovely girl had a good birthday. Today the festivities continue. E and some of her friends are partying in the city and spending the night at a hotel. I'm sure they'll have an eventful night....

My day has involved transforming C's old room with a fresh coat of paint (or two). "During" photo below:
"After" photos coming soon.

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The Elephant's Child said...

Your girl is just so beautiful.