Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Morning sunlight.
Trying to decide if I prefer C's old room looking like this.

Or like this.

Lest it be assumed that I spend my days off work lying around and relaxing, today I have made a list of my "achievements" since Sunday.
  • Cleaned and tidied the house (usual stuff - vacuuming, mopping, wiping down surfaces etc)
  • Sorted and reorganised the pantry. Threw out a few expired items.
  • Ironed work clothes (mine only - everyone else fends for themselves re ironing)
  • Washed, dried, sorted TOO MANY LOADS OF WASHING TO COUNT. Where, for the love of God, does it all come from?!
  • Emptied, sorted and cleaned the main kitchen cupboard - the one where the everyday dishes are kept.
  • Briefly opened all the other kitchen cupboard doors and decided that they'll do for now and closed them again.
  • Cleaned out one fridge and two freezers. Threw out a couple of unidentifiable frozen items.
  • Made a shopping list as the clean fridge, freezers and pantry looked a little bare.
  • Went shopping.
  • Sorted out the crate that holds all the plastic storage containers. Matched up all containers and lids and was left with only one random lidless item.
  • Baked biscuits for family.
  • Helped Z revise Legal Studies questions for an upcoming test.
  • Made final payment for Deb dress and made appointment for final fitting.
  • Sewed buttons on a dress and repaired hem on a pair of J's pants.
  • Sorted out a Centrelink issue
  • Varied our Farmers Direct order for this week.
  • Planned meals for the week. Prepared meals for the week so far.
  • Attempted to fix Z's broken DVD player. Unsuccessful. Fiddled around for ages trying to get another DVD player to work. Unsuccessful.
  • Updated my Ipod. Deleted some songs and added a few new ones suggested by E and Z.
  • Loaded several garbage bags full of stuff into the car in readiness for a trip to a charity bin.
Today, collapsed in a big heap and looked forward to tomorrow's nine hours of paid employment which will possibly be more restful than being at home.
These were a big hit around here. The recipe made about ninety biscuits. There probably would have been more but someone kept sampling the cookie dough.

Lastly, we like that this smoochy cat is spending more time with the family instead of hiding away somewhere. TJ adores E and won't leave her alone. Very cute.


Anonymous said...

Where are my cookies? And I think I like the white bed. You can turn the room back into a shabby chic room.

Manderley said...

My thoughts exactly re the shabby chic room. The white bed looks so peaceful. Sorry, cookies are nearly all gone now!!!

librarygirl said...

I like the shabby chic room too - so peaceful. Busy day!