Sunday, February 12, 2012


My old rule to avoid accumulating too much stuff  (if something new enters the house, something old must leave) seems to have fallen by the wayside lately especially when it concerns books. I brought home two more yesterday and just can't part with any oldies at the moment.
Consequently, yet another  shelf reorganization was necessary today.

New additions are the last two on the right.

In an unusual spurt of creativity, I decided to decorate some plain wooden bookends that were needed to further accommodate the books in the master bedroom.
My first obstacle was locating glue for this project. I found three glue containers with dried up dregs and no usable glue (why are they still in the house?). Finally located a full bottle in with my old scrapbooking supplies - along with some pretty paper and red ric-rac. (Didn't end up using the ric-rac)

These are my treasured books from when I was about 8 to 12 years old.

This was quite a satisfying little project and best of all, it didn't cost a cent!
So my books are (temporarily) in order. I just have to make sure they don't end up looking like this.
 These bookshelves lined the walls in my late parent's hallway. There were also floor to ceiling books in the lounge room and one of the spare rooms. It appears chaotic, but up until his last year, Dad always knew where any given book was located.
 It is quite clear from where I inherited my book hoarding tendencies!


The Elephant's Child said...

I am a big, big book hoarder as well. I do try and recycle them, but ... I use the library, but if I love a book I have to buy it. Sigh.

librarygirl said...

God, I'm glad you photographed those shelves. WORSE than I remembered!
Must have a look at those Puffins next time. Gorgeous.

victoria said...

I am very impressed with how the bookends turned out and the collection of treaured books from you 8-12 year old stage is truly wonderful.
I have been working on my book hoarding too lately. It's hard.