Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Odd day. Sunshine occasionally, but mostly cloudy. Flitted from one thing to another without achieving much.
Visited the educational bookseller today to spend a small fortune on Z's Year 11 textbooks. Even the sales person looked a little shocked when she totalled it all up.
Went to a Large Shopping Complex with Z so I could buy some new tea towels and pot holders. I know, so exciting. However, I didn't find anything I liked and Z couldn't find anything she liked (the latter never happens).
Flitted about at home again, then went for a walk in an attempt to clear my head.
  Saw 2 pure white cats while walking. I've never seen either of them before. Some sort of omen perhaps?

The first cat paused briefly to gaze at me before running across a vacant lot.
The second cat barely registered my existence.
Stopped off at the local patchwork shop.

Bought this picture....

... and these charm squares which will be made into a small tablecloth for a side table.
Had enough energy to make a pot of pumpkin soup but that's about it. I think I need a holiday. Can't wait for next week!

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librarygirl said...

Snap! I made leek and potato soup.