Sunday, January 8, 2012


C was in the mood to cook today and we all enjoyed her efforts immensely.
  • Waffles for breakfast. Made with the new waffle machine that arrived in our house at Christmas.
  • Roasted vegetable and fetta Turkish bread sandwiches for lunch.( Not pictured- eaten too quickly and enthusiastically.)
  • C's version of Nigella Lawson's "Massacre in a Snowstorm" (Meringue nests, cream, pomegranate). Delicious afternoon tea.
  • Chicken Pilaf for dinner. Had to go back for a second helping of this. So good.
  • My contribution to this feast day: an apricot pie for dessert. Pretty tasty even if I do say so myself

I think I need to go on a long, long walk tomorrow.

Pomegranates are really quite fascinating.


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librarygirl said...

yum - what a gourmet lot you are!