Friday, January 20, 2012


This week, I went to the cinema twice. Quite an achievement considering I'm fairly certain I only saw three movies at the cinema in all of 2011.
On Wednesday, E, Z and I saw "Hugo". This is based on the book "The Invention of Hugo Cabret" by Brian Selznick and is the story of an orphaned boy who lives in the walls and secret passages of a Paris train station.

Visually, it was a beautiful film. Paris of the early 1930's re-created perfectly. We enjoyed it but it was a little slow-going. Maybe we would have enjoyed it more if we had seen it in 3D but I'm kind of against this whole 3D phenomenon.
Today, C and I saw "The Descendants". We both absolutely loved it. George Clooney was wonderful and the young actresses who played his daughters were excellent.
Great storyline, terrific acting, moments of humour, and many, many scenes that brought a lump to the throat and teary eyes. Well deserving of the awards it won earlier this week.

Meanwhile, my classic movie rewatch continued with "The 39 Steps"(1935) and "My Man Godfrey"(1936).

Madeleine Carroll and Robert Donat in "The 39 Steps"
"The 39 Steps" is significant for being the first British movie on my list and also the first one directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Unfortunately, I didn't enjoy this much due to the very poor quality of the DVD and also because I got distracted during the first 15 minutes, missing a major plot point, and then kind of lost interest.
William Powell and Carole Lombard in "My Man Godfrey"

"My Man Godfrey" is an absolute gem. Classic '30s screwball comedy. Very fast-paced and witty. Loved it.

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