Tuesday, December 27, 2011


My life-long passion for hydrangeas is always reignited when I see something like this as I did on my walk today.
I long for a wall of these in my garden.

No doubt this desire stems from the fact that these lovely plants have grown in abundance almost everywhere I've lived.

Here I am in front of a magnificent "wall" at the first house I ever lived in.
(I'm with my dad in the first photo)
A family gathering at my Grandmother's house. Dad, Aunt, Cousins and Uncle pictured. So many years ago, but I will never forget the smell of those hydrangeas.
My first flat. Not the slightest bit attractive, except for the hydrangeas (and the cute kitty).
Me with baby C at my first home after marriage.

J with cousin, S at the house we lived in prior to our current home. Look how high those flowers are growing!
Here's little E near the same flowers.

Try as I might, I haven't had much success growing these in my current garden. I live in hope that one day I'll have a "wall" again.


The Elephant's Child said...

Oh wow. Hydrangeas with history. Thank you.

Manderley said...

Thanks for visiting, Elephant's Child!

Anonymous said...

Great photo's sis is that the house at hampton ? cheers G

Feronia said...

Beautiful! I love hydrangeas.

Manderley said...

Thanks G. Yes, that is the Hampton house. Thinking of trying to find it soon.