Friday, December 2, 2011


So. Finally decided to give this a go. I'm thinking there will probably be more pictures than words but we'll see. Yesterday I was both too tired and too technologically inept to do more than post photos even with my daughter Z's patient assistance. Today the challenge of adding words.
December has arrived and our house is looking appropriately festive with both Christmas trees lavishly decorated. Last year, daughter C and I decided it was time for a new tree with a different colour scheme as we had had the same old thing for about 15 years. We had a ball ( and spent a small fortune!) adorning the new tree with elegant red and silver decorations. Unfortunately, other members of the family said they missed the old tree with its mix of handmade, vintage, quirky old bits and pieces. So we set them both up and I have to admit that the old tree makes me smile whenever I look at it. So many happy memories.

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